About Yield Software Development

After working as Servoy implementation engineers for more than 10 years we decided to start our own development and consultancy company.

Having worked as Servoy consultants for so long, we know all features and possibilities of Servoy. In those years we met with a lot of companies, worked on a lot of different projects, trained numerous people and gained a lot of experience in software development in general and Servoy in particular.

As creators and managers of the Servoy frameworks while working at Servoy, we have a lot of knowledge about frameworks and how to make them work best for your needs. We also built custom frameworks for several clients.

 Sanneke Aleman
 Joas de Haan


  • Project development

    Hire us when you need experienced programmers to work on your project. We'll make sure to create a solution that is best for you in a timely fashion.

  • Team support

    For when you want to speed up your development and you want a consultant that helps with questions, code reviews and advice about how to create certain things in Servoy.

  • Pair programming or training

    You can do pair programming sessions with one of us to have a hands on approach on learning Servoy and tackle the challenges that you might encounter in your project.

About Servoy

Servoy is a development and deployment platform for enterprise applications, written itself in Java, and which uses JavaScript as its development language. It can adopt the native look and feel of any platform or the web, using HTML and CSS code. Servoy was created from the start to make business application development easy.